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How to Troubleshoot Faulty Electric Garage Doors

03/11/2014 Back To Blog

The most common problems that are encountered during garage door repair of electronic installations include the presence of residual dirt, tracks that are not properly cleaned and poor lubrication. Danville is not unique in this respect because many other home owners are dealing with similar problems on an even grander scale. In addition to ensuring that the cables are not damaged in any way, the home owner should regularly check the torsion spring for strength. The other important check is that of the power source particularly if its failure represents a threat to the security and safety of the people that use the installation.How to Troubleshoot Faulty Electric Garage Doors

Plugs that may not work

Sometimes it is just a question of ensuring that the wires are connecting properly. If that is the case then it is important to use insulators which can protect you from electric shocks. Where the brackets are loose then a simple job using a screw driver will sort out the problem. You may also have to replace panels whole constituent parts are no longer receiving or emitting the right signals. Likewise the remote control will require regular inspection in order to ensure that it does not break down at the moment when you most need it. 

Making Sockets Functional

There is a standard type of socket that is commonly used in California. This comes with a manual that you should use because it is comprehensive and includes useful details on related issues such as spring replacement.  Ensure that the flow of electricity is not only functional but that it is safe. Any sparks or burning smells should serve as a warning to you. Try to ensure that children and pets do not get near the parts that are potentially dangerous. Above all do not forget the regular maintenance checks that are so critical for longevity and efficiency.

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