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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

Here you’ll find the answers to all sorts of questions garage door owners tend to ask. If you're looking for more information, take a look at our professional Tips page, or give us a call directly.

Why do garage door springs weaken over time?

The springs counterbalance the weight of your garage door and help it move. The size, therefore, is determined by the weight of the door, and the heavier it is the stronger they'll need to be. The continuous stretching and contracting or twisting and unwinding they do will gradually take its toll on their structure, and will cause them to lose their tension as time goes on. Spring replacement can be incredibly dangerous, so we recommend that you have our technicians handle these components for you.

What is a chain drive opener?

This is a type of opener that employs a metal chain on a sprocket in order to move the door. It is the most cost-effective and reliable of the three common types of openers, but also the noisiest. It's an ideal choice for large and heavy doors, but not for attached garages that are next to a bedroom. If you're looking for a new opener, give our experts a call.

What should I consider before buying a new garage door opener?

The garage door opener that is best suited for your particular needs will depend on a number of factors. Different door materials have different weights, which will determine how much horsepower your new opener will need to generate. There is also opening speed and noise output that need to be considered, as well as additional features like rolling code technology and smartphone connectivity. Make sure your new motor unit provides everything you want it to.

My garage door spring broke. What should I do?

Contact our experts to have them fix it. The last thing you want is to try to carry out the required spring replacement yourself or to even try using your door while this unit is still broken. Replacing a damaged spring can be very dangerous due to the tension loading process involved, so you should leave it to professionals and never risk going the DIY route.


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