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Fixing a Jammed Door 

The most common cause of jamming is an obstructed, misaligned or bent track. Alternatively, you may have a broken cable. When you use our garage door repair services, we’ll inspect the hardware closely to determine the actual cause of the problem. If there is obstruction to one of the tracks, count on us to remove it safely. In case of misalignment, we’ll adjust the vertical and horizontal sections properly and tighten the bolts of the brackets which hold them in place. Bent track repair involves straightening the damaged section. If this isn’t an option, we’ll replace the component. This is the solution in case of a broken cable too. The replacement component will have the exact same specs as the original one.Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repairs for Broken Springs

When a spring breaks, the door will stop working even though the opener runs as usual. Avoid making attempt to open it with the opener or by hand as this can cause more trouble. Just stay put until we arrive. Our job is to remove the pieces of the old spring and to install the new one. Our company works with springs of all types, designs and brands so you can have peace of mind that we’ll have a spare one at hand. We choose only the most reliable and durable spare parts. With accurate adjustment, your spring will work optimally for smooth door opening and closing. 

Solving Problems with Clickers  

Usually, people call us when their opener remote stops working. However, there are more serious headaches which such a small device can give you. If it has a short, it will emit signal continuously and this will result in the door opening by itself after you’ve just closed it. In any of these cases, we’ll inspect the remote control closely and repair it. When the issue is so serious that it cannot be fixed, count on us to replace your motor remote with a new one which is compatible with your opener. Our services always include programming to ensure that you can continue to operate your electric door safely. 

If you have any problem with your system, call our team today for professional garage door repair services you can count on!

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