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Garage Door Openers

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If you have to get out and manually open the door to your garage, you already know what a pain it can be, especially if the weather is against you. That is why you should invest in a garage door opener.Garage Door Openers

Secure Your Home with a Convenient Opener

Openers offer convenience so that you can enter your garage without the hassle of exiting your vehicle. The options you can choose between are the Liftman, the Chamberlain, the Genie, an Allister, or the Sears Craftsman garage door opener.

These allow you to enter your home using a hand transmitter and you can contact us to learn more about our innovative and user-friendly products.

Types of Garage Door Openers

For residential use, there are three types and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Chain Drive Garage Opener

The Chain drive garage opener is the most common type of opener for homes. As the name suggests, it employs a chain to open and close the door. It is reasonably priced although it makes a noise while opening and closing the door and hence, is perfect for garages that are not attached to homes.

Belt Drive Garage Opener

This one is not as common as the rest. Instead of using a chain, a belt drive opener uses a belt to open and close it. Hence, the operation is quieter compared to chain drive, making it ideal for garages that are connected to the main house. The drawback of a belt drive is the cost, as you may find it a bit expensive.

Screw Drive Garage Opener

A screw drive garage opener spins a threaded steel rod to open and close the door. This device does not require too much maintenance as it is made from fewer components. However, when compared to a belt drive opener, it can be noisy.

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