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Practical tips for those who want to take care of their garage doors and get new ideas about how to maintain them.


  • Get wall mounted openers

    If you hardly have any space on the wall for regular electric garage door openers or need the space for any other purpose, today you have the choice to get wall mounted openers. They are put in any wall close to the door and are equally strong.

  • Garage door safety

    Most garage doors weigh a minimum of 300lbs and can pose a serious threat to life or cause injury if handled incorrectly. Our professionals in danville warn against standing under a moving garage door and recommend parking or getting the car out only when the door is fully open.

  • Garage door visual inspection

    Garage door repair danville experts advise homeowners to visually inspect the door every now and then to check for any potential problems. The springs, rollers, pulleys or cables should not show any visible signs of wear and tear. Replace the safety cable if they appear frayed or broken.

  • Garage door painting

    While painting is an interesting idea that can help spruce up the look of the garage door, doing it the right way is the key. Start off by cleaning the door well and removing all the dirt and grime sticking to it, sand the door and then start painting from top to bottom.

  • Clean your door often

    Even if a garage door is made of glass, steel or wood, you should clean it often in order to increase its life span. For example, you can use either a soft glass cloth or a dust cloth if you want to remove dirt or mud stains. You can also choose a mild detergent solution which does not contain harmful chemicals.

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